Life Resumes…

This morning greeted me with sunshine and an only slightly swollen jaw. I felt WAY better than I have every morning since my surgery! I can’t say that I am fully recovered, but I am probably…hm…….90%? I was very grateful for this feeling because today demanded that I be on my feet, no matter how I was feeling. Today was pretty much the “do all those things you need to do before school starts” day. Accomplishments: Clean house, clean ROOM, organized desk (YES! I love it.), mostly filled out visa application, almost halfway finished with a printing job, an awesome time chatting with Kali and Maggie (although I don’t consider that a task. Except when they are laughing at me trying to eat cake!!) and other various things. Oh and did I mention I’m “Mom” for the week? Another reason I’m glad to be up and about. Praise the Lord for His strength during this past week! Onto a new week as school, and life in general, resumes.

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