Little Kids are Great!

If you know me at all you know that I love little kids. They have so many funny moments. 🙂 Today my family and I were watching the 4&5’s and there are quite a few funny stories with them. But, I wanted to tell you a funny story about Hudson since it is fresh in my mind. We have a book of the funny things Hudson says.

Nina and I were in the bathroom washing our faces and such like every night and Hudson came in to brush his teeth. Hudson doesn’t like to brush his teeth and we have to always ‘warn’ him that he will have to get his teeth drilled out if he doesn’t brush them 🙂 After brushing his teeth he saw Nina using a tooth brush to scrub her retainer. He stopped and looked at her and asked. Does that go in your mouth? Nina replied, “yes”. Hudson stood there for a second and thought and then said, “So, if you brush that thing and stick it in your mouth you don’t have to brush your teeth?”

Talk about doing anything to not have to brush your teeth. My Dad told him that maybe he could get all false teeth and then he could brush them and stick them all in his mouth 🙂

Today was a great day, I was able to go to the Devon House and preach another salvation message. I found this really great story told by a classical guitarist that later in life became a christian. He had a really great story and I shared a part of what he had written to the group there. The people were pretty alert 🙂

Have a Great Night Everyone…Thanks for reading, Feel free to tell me any of your funny stories you got of little kids, I would love to hear them 🙂