Maesa Elephant Camp

Today I went with Pookie and Klo to visit Maesa Elephant Camp here in Chiang Mai.  Before I left I was told my someone…..ahem…..that I have to show a picture of me riding an elephant. So you know….I was just being the obedient daughter.  (Oops did I let the cat out of the bag?)

It was SUCH a fun time.  We weren’t sure how things would go (or how the pictures would turn out) because it was raining.  Not pouring necessarily, just a steady drizzle.  Similar to what we get on Whidbey.  When we got there we still had about 45 minutes before the show started.  So we approached the pen of elephants after buying some sugar cane and bananas to feed. It was nice because people hadn’t started gathering so we had them all to ourselves so to speak.  After a while the trainers mounted their rides (The elephants) and led them to the water to bathe before their big show.  It was hilarious to watch them roll around in the water and spray themselves (And us!). We hustled to the show so we could get front row seats. I’m so glad we did!! It was great to watch these intelligent creatures march in the elephant parade (some were playing harmonicas!!!), play soccer, play darts, play basketball, paint pictures, and do more tricks. Of course, they had to come greet all their fans after the show.  We were able to get pictures sitting on their knee. Nothing like having an elephant trunk draping over your shoulder!! 😀

Then Klo and I mounted our mighty steed and took a trek through the rainforest.  That sounds pretty dramatic, but hey, it was so fun! It was a rather bumpy ride and more than once I was clutching the bar in front of me.  It was so cool to be atop such a large creature!  All in all, I think it was a pretty memorable day and I’m glad I could share it with friends.  Here are a few pictures, but it would take so much space to put them all on here.  So at the bottom you will see a link to view more pictures.

Feeding the little guy.

Klo, myself and Pookie

Riding the elephant!!

Ahhh!!!! They are so strong!


A little basketball?

This painting went for 6,000 baht.  That’s roughly $200!

Sitting on the elephant’s lap. 🙂


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