Making the BIG Buck

I am working on a video editing project for a guy in the UK and the video I’m editing tells you how to make Millions and Millions of dollars!!!! I’m telling you people we’ve missed out. We could be making $200,000 the first week of doing this with little effort at all.

My plan to make it big is this, I’m going to invite thousands of people to make millions and I’m going to have a big conference hall and charge people a whole lot of money to come. Do you think people wouldn’t want a shot at making it big? I will then have maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars almost overnight….LOL

OK, honestly I have a really hard time believing that people actually make that much money, as I edited the video I found that most of the information which they were sharing I already knew. Its great stuff, but it requires TIME. There is no quick way to get rich. OR IS THERE?

My blessing is this, I have a home in heaven, more specifically a mansion. So many people waste their entire life chasing the green buck and completely loose their life in the process…Think about this, What is the purpose of Life? We often limit our goals to this lifetime, LISTEN, think broader and then narrow down your goal.

One of the instructors mentioned, remember its not about the money, but about your family, your relationship. He told them they could get all the money they want, but it would not make them happy. He is right, but don’t forget about your relationship with God.

Well, I know you all know this already, but maybe it will help you as you think about things today. Why do you do what you do? Is your end result something limited to this life or will your choices benefit your for eternity?

Signing off,