Man Gets Arrested for Praying Outside Clinic

On July 3, a grad. student in Chicago was arrested for praying the rosary outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.  While I don’t agree with the rosary and with what Catholicism represents, this just shows how America is treating “religion” as a whole.  According to reports, Holland was violating the new city “Bubble” law that requires verbal consent from 8 ft. away before you approach a person to hand them literature or to speak to them.  Holland’s defense is that he was not speaking to anyone and did not approach anyone.  People approached him, but that’s not what the law states.

This new law does not make any provision for arrest, only a ticket.  However, in this case and in others, police have taken the liberty to arrest (which goes on their permanent record) and hold for even a short period of time.  Abuse of power? I think so. 

For more on this story, go to Praying Outside Clinic Gets Man Disorderly Conduct Charge

It reminds me of the experience Wendy Wright told us about at LTIA.  She also has been through many of the same things, except spent a longer time in jail.