Meet My Four New Friends!

A couple of months ago we had a cat adopt us at the Holly Farm. She befriended us and we gave her a name and a bed. Fiona is her name. Not too long ago we noticed she was getting quite …large. Were we feeding her too much? Nope…she’s getting bigger! Alas, we realized she was “with kitten”! This past Sunday she had her kitties, and they are SO cute! Four to be exact. Let me introduce you…..

This is Carhartt…

And Deuteronomy….”Dude” for short.

And Puma!

3 Comments on “Meet My Four New Friends!”

  1. I wish I could! See the thing is….I like kittens….more than cats. Plus Becca is allergic. Else I might actually think about it! 🙂 maggie….not even four cute little kittens could replace YOU! 😉

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