Money Matters Take 2

Proverbs 30:8,9

Wow, are these verses ever so true. Recently I’ve been pondering some
monetary questions and wondering about if I should pursue certain work
or if I should even pray for it. There is nothing in it which would
contradict the clear command in the Word of God. However, I was
concerned about my motives and if I was just be covetous, because I
know full well that God has greatly cared for me. Having that in mind
you can probably see why that verse jumped out to me when I read
Proverbs 30. I’m going to be praying that verse over and wait
patiently to see if God closes the door or directs me where to go.
Isn’t it great to be a saved child of God and not need to be stressed
out about life decisions. I know Gods will is best. The hard part is
to humble myself and realize that I don’t know as much as I think I
do. 🙂 You don’t need to rub it in. =)