Motorcycle Ridin’

The market that we go to daily is very close to our house.  So close that it’s very easy to just jump on a motorcycle for a quick ride there and back. So easy and very tempting. 🙂 Before I came here I had never been on a motorcycle before so this has been quite enjoyable for me.  Here are some pics from just one of our many outings. 🙂

One of the spirit houses going into our village.

Heading into the village.

Scary! LOL

2 Comments on “Motorcycle Ridin’”

  1. YEAH it’s scary!!! I think it would take a lot for me to be willing to ride a motorcycle!!! I’ve heard too many scary stories. 🙂

    ~ Janell

  2. hahaha actually it wasn’t too scary. What scared me is when Pookie asked me if I wanted to drive. I think (hope?) she was joking. LOL But it is really fun to ride so I think I’ll stick with that. hahaha

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