Much to look forward to…

This next week holds a lot for me. Monday is Valentine’s Day. Normally I wouldn’t be concerned with that day because, well, I don’t have a valentine. However, the SPGs at church have been tasked with putting on a banquet for all the couples in our church. This is our fourth (my third) year doing this and each time it has been a blast! We’ve tried to change the theme every year to keep it from becoming boring. The first year we did it after I moved here, we did a wedding theme based on the church’s theme for the year, Continuing the Commitment. The guys wore bowties and we ladies wore “bridesmaids” dresses. There was a wedding cake, dinner music provided by yours truly, and even a runner! It was very fun. Last year the church’s theme was Cultivating the Commitment so we did a garden theme banquet. That was quite fun as well. This year….well….I won’t tell you what we are doing. It’s a surprise! No worries. I WILL do a post about it…..after it’s over. Meanwhile, I shall be busily preparing as the day gets closer. There is still quite a bit to do. I always forget how much work it is to simply feed and entertain 50(ish) people. But I am sure it will be a smashing success!

SPGs (Singles Pleasing God) Sweetheart Banquet 2009
SPGs Sweetheart Banquet 2010 (Chris went with white hair so he could be more convincing as Alex Trebek. lol)

Before all this happens, I will be accompanying Christopher at his violin recital tomorrow night. We’ve been working on this song (Seitz’s Student Concert0) for quite some time now so I am excited to finally perform it with him. We will be sure to record it and I will post it.
Let’s see after that…Well…the Sweetheart’s Banquet on Monday. Then Tuesday is: School in the morning, piano students come in the afternoon, then preparation for something else exciting, then going out to dessert with some friends. So a pretty normal day.
THEN (you know that other thing I was preparing for on Tuesday)………(Tada!!!) Wednesday our friends from Maine are coming to visit!!!! I am SOO excited to have them come out! It will be really nice to catch up with them and also share with them what the West Coast is like. To be sure, it’s quite different from New England right now which is getting dumped with snow. Our cold 45 degrees will be a nice relief to them I am sure.
Well, I’ve finished school for the night and my caffeine supply is diminishing so I suppose I shall close this out. Till tomorrow…