Music and Tulips

Today was an amazing Monday!  It started out a bit early. I had piano lessons at 9 but needed to practice beforehand so I went down to the church at 7:30 to practice before I left.  I knew that I had a LOT going on today so I had to make sure I had everything I needed.  I probably came back into the house 4-5 times because I kept forgetting things!!  So I drove about 45 minutes to lessons and it was a great lesson!  Seriously, she is one amazing teacher! 

Next stop, Public Speaking class here in Oak Harbor.  Whew!  It was a great class….I always have fun there.  So at about 12:30 Anna picked me up at the college and we headed to Mt. Vernon to go to the Tulip Festival!! (That’s a HUGE thing around here!)  First we headed to the college in Mt. Vernon so I could drop off an application (more on that later) then went to lunch at Calico Cupboard, a super nice cafe and bakery!  After a nice meal of soup, sandwiches and…..gigantic cinnamon rolls (teehee) we went in search of some tulips!  We ended up going to Tulip Town, a beautiful farm!  We had such a good time and the tulips were absolutely stunning.  I forgot to mention the weather was gorgeous!  When I was there this morning for lessons it was so rainy and the Lord answered my prayers by providing afternoon sunshine! woohoo!

THEN we went to my Music Scholarship Audition at the college.  I had to fill out an application, write an essay, put together a “performance resume” and perform a piece from memory (while the judges were following along with the music!!)  I actually had SO much fun!  I was really nervous right before I went in but as soon as I began to play I felt at ease and enjoyed myself.  The interview afterwards was a lot of fun. 🙂  Two of the judges know me pretty well so I think that helped. (One was my piano teacher. lol).  After the audition I was able to relax and Anna and I did some shopping at the mall before we headed back.  It was a REALLY fun day!  But aren’t times that involve food, friends, and flowers always fun?!

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 There’s a reason these were called “World’s Favorite”! They were my favorite too!

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