Music Room

I mentioned in my last post about my dream music room.  No…I still haven’t found it.  But I did find some pictures of neat music rooms.  What does your dream room look like?

3 Comments on “Music Room”

  1. Hmmm, I like the warm fireplace glow of the middle one, but I like the book/music mixture of the last one. All of them are beautiful!!!

  2. My dream room has a big picture window that over looks some piece of the Lords majestic scenery, either mountains of water will do, supplied with a fireplace and a large library, and filled with big cushy chairs that I can bury myself in with a good book.

  3. oh the first one is so pretty!! But there is something about playing the piano by the cozy, warm fireplace in the evening… 🙂 nice ideas!

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