My Adventures Over the Mountains

Many of you know Kali and Maggie. You also know that their family moved across the mountains this summer to help start a church. They have been missed terribly, but have been back to visit a few times, much to my delight! Now, it was my turn to return the favor. My family (minus my Dad and Josh) drove over the mountains to Okanogan, where the Waldrons currently reside. It was a beautiful drive due to the foliage the Lord’s display this time each year. It brought back so many sweet memories of life in New England.

Anyway, on to the trip. We got up early Monday morning to ensure as much time as possible could be spent with them. That afternoon we did some shopping in the downtown Okanogan and Omak areas. Though there weren’t many shops, it was certainly fun to “Dress up” as cowgirls. hehe Monday night the Majors came over for dinner and we all played games. I should say, GAME. We played Sequence, which I had never played before. Now I am a big fan! 🙂

Tuesday morning we got up really early excited to be on our way! We were going floating down the river! YAY! Our plan was to start in Riverside (about 15 minutes away from Okanogan) and float down to Okanogan where we had parked the car. Mrs. Waldron and Mom drove us to Riverside and we got out to blow up the boat (which took a bit of time I might add). As we approached to river, to our dismay, we realized the wind was fiercely blowing in the opposite direction! We had our hearts set on it so we hopped in the boat and started paddling. We didn’t get far before we turned around and hopped back in the suburban with plans for the lake instead.
We all went back to the house for lunch, a little disheartened but excited at what the lake might offer. Leader Lake, here we come!! It was a beautiful day! Temperature in the 80s with a slight breeze, sunny. Ahhh…..We hopped in the boat (by we I mean Kali, Maggie, Christopher and myself) and went out to the middle of the lake to do some jumping and swimming. After easing ourselves into the frigid water we enjoyed some leisurely jumping, taking little notice of the way the boat was drifting. At some point we decided to take a snack break and started to row back. And row…and row…and ROW!!! we were getting no where! The wind had picked up and we were rowing against a brick wall! After many attempts made by different combinations of duo rowers we decided that maybe two could row and two could paddle with their feet behind the boat (yes we were deperate!) That didn’t work very well. Finally, after rowing for over and hour we made it to shore! WHEW! what a workout! I am STILL sore from that little adventure!
The evening was spent playing games of Phase 10 and Sequence, Coffee, and Brian Regan. FUN STUFF! We were all doubled over in laughter while watching Brian Regan. 🙂 We left eeeearly Wednesday morning so I could be back in time for my 1:30 lesson. But of course, we couldn’t leave town without stopping at the Twisp Bakery for a Cinnamon Twisp. YUM!
Although it was nice to be home, I wish we could have spent more time with the Waldrons! They are missed so much! It was really great to be able to see what their “new life” is like over the mountains.
Ready to hit the road!
Chris and Becca at Diablo Canyon
I spy with my little eye…..Chester!
The Three Cowgirls
A fun sign we found in a cute little shop
This is about as much hunting as I do!
At Leader Lake
See the happy faces? This is BEFORE we realized were in trouble. 🙂
The Adventurers