My Eyes and My Heart

Mine eye affecteth mine heart because of all the daughters of my city.”  Lamentations 3:51.

I wish I could share with you just exactly how much my heart has been affected.  I wish I could share with you the things I have seen, the things I have felt.  I think the only way you can really know is to see it with your own eyes. 

My heart aches for those who live in such deep poverty and oppression. Not just oppression from their government, but from Satan who has bound them with idolatry.  For most of us, we cannot feed them, we cannot clothe them.  But we have the Bread of Life to offer to them.  We can give them something that will change their lives now and for eternity. 

I wish I could record every moment.  But then, remembering hurts.  Perhaps it’s that pain in my heart that will keep me tender to the Lord’s leading in my life.  I ask myself, can I really make a difference?  Little me, with nothing to offer but this sinful body and the small abilities the Lord has given me.  But since when are we strong in ourselves?  Since when can we accomplish great things for the Lord by our own knowledge and abilities?  I don’t know what the Lord has planned for me.  I don’t know what He has planned for you.  I only know that I want to be used more than anything.  I want to be that person that the Lord says, “You can’t do anything, but let me use you and I’ll do mighty things through you for MY glory.” 

This is my prayer.   This is my heart.