My Island

Drizzly…..cloudy. It’s a normal Whidbey day. Sometimes the rain falls a little heavier, then it subsides and continues its monotonous sprinkle. As I drove back onto my island today coming back from school, I soaked in this beautiful view. I realized how much I take it for granted.

As I rounded the bend by Pass Lake, my breath was taken away. The whisps of fog hovering over the water and Mt. Eerie with it’s cloudy crown in the background all reminded me why I love Whidbey. Waving goodbye to the beautiful lake, I started to ascend. I drove up the hill that makes its way to Deception Pass and I looked around me. Stately, lush trees on either side as if from a fairy tale. Looking straight ahead I see more trees and the sky shining from between them as they have grown up on the side of the cliff. I’ve reached the top and as I curve to the left I see the most splendid view. The bridge! Driving onto the bridge I can’t decide which view to look at: the endless sound on the right, or the many islands overflowing with trees on the left. So hard to choose. (I guess I should have been looking straight ahead since I was driving but that’s no fun. :-p)

This is my favorite thing about my island. It’s a span of about ten minutes, but as I drive it six times a week (to and from school) I am reminded of our Creator. His artistry goes beyond comprehension and I feel so minute in comparison to the beauty I see around me. I am so grateful that He has given me this opportunity to witness such beauty so frequently.

(These pictures weren’t taken today….obviously since it’s sunny.)