My Little Island

Ok…so it’s not MY island. But if I had to count some place as my Hometown, this would be it. And because we are preparing for a visit, I’ve got Whidbey Island on the brain. There are SO many things I love about this place. I thought I would share a few with you. 

1. Bible Baptist Church. After years of being under sound teaching and Biblical truth in this church, the Lord helped me grow immensely in Him. Faithful through the years and a lighthouse on the island, this church has literally impacted the world with its heart for missions and publications ministry. 

2. Deception Pass Bridge. It is Gorgeous scenery. I passed over it every day for school and I never got tired of the view. I was always happy to be a passenger when I could watch God’s lovely creation without risking my life.

3. Views like this. Every day. Unless it was foggy. SO beautiful! Mountains AND water… can’t beat it.

4. Whidbey Coffee. Not because I like their coffee better than Starbucks (disclaimer), but because I have so many fond memories there chatting with friends. Such a cute cafe!

5. Because of the sound of freedom is heard every day. Some have claimed it to be an annoyance. Maybe it’s because I grew up with the sound of airplanes flying over my home, or maybe it’s because I’ve come to understand the sacrifice our soldiers make to keep us free, but I truly miss the sound of our military.