MY Monday

Ok so I’ve seen several people posting about their Mondays.  Sooo I thought I would share mine. hehe  It was fairly relaxing.  Slept in to XX hour.  Did some major piano practicing before my lesson.  Then Anna, Nicki and I all went to my lesson.  I hope they weren’t too bored. lol There seemed to be more talking and less piano playing at this lesson.  That’s not always a good thing. LOL but I did learn a lot.  After my lesson we headed to Burlington to do some shopping for the Sweetheart’s Banquet.  I can’t believe how fast it’s coming up!  We found some great stuff for the decorations.  It’s always a relief to have it cemented in our minds.  Then we went to the mall and the girls treated me to my first manicure!  It felt soooo good!  I’ve been wanting to get one but didn’t want to spend the money for it.  So it was definitely a treat and I enjoyed every minute of it. 🙂   So now here I am and after a relaxing day I have to think about school again.  It was nice while it lasted!