My Shavor Shaves!

This certainly is going to be one weird blog post…. I’ll just leave it at that

I’ve got this electric shaver which my parents had got me last year and for some reason I like using electric shavers now rather than the manual ones, probably because I don’t need to get all that cream on my face then rinse it off. Also, it I’ve only cut myself once with the electric shaver which is a whole lot better than what I was doing with the old one. So, with that said I was kind of dissapointed when I arrived in Thailand to find that my razor had got banged around and when I turned it on to shave it sounded like a weedwacker was running inside it.

Somehow I managed not to cut myself the whole trip. When I got back home, needless to say from the plane ride back it sounded like I upgraded to a tractor inside my shaver. Yah, probably one more plane trip and it would have sounded like the turbines on the engine of the plane…. Anyhow, I didn’t want to put that thing up to my face when it was making that sound so I checked out how much new blades would cost since it was obviously the blades and not the engine in it. $35! I couldn’t believe that they would cost so much, specially since the price for the shaver was $50 something. I decided to take the blades apart and put it back together again. To my suprise it then worked beautifully just as it had before I left for Thailand.

I’m really happy about that, another thing about the shaver is I still have the power cord somewhere down here in my room and I haven’t even charged it since Thailand and it is still running great. Maybe the 220 volts jolted it awake, haha

Okay, thats my blessing for today, a working shaver. Hope you weren’t bored to tears. Have a Great Day!