My View

There are a lot of new views for us lately. The country of Thailand is beautiful! The lush green rice fields, the mountains close to our town, and the spectacular sunsets all wait for our eyes to soak them in. So different from Pennsylvania, which is experiencing winter at this time.

As I sit in my living room area and watch the motorcyles, cars, and vendors on bikes ride by my large glass doors the view becomes more solemn. Each day we watch as the monks pass by our home on their way to the Buddhist temple a short walk from our house. These souls are loved by God. They are beautiful as well. They are important. Our God loves them with an everlasting love and desires for them to know Him.

Chloe likes to stand at the glass doors and watch people pass by. They often turn and wave at the white child watching them. Or they will stare as they slowly drive by. I wonder what is going through her little mind as she experiences all of these new things as well. I pray that one day she will come to know the same God that we share with those around us. And that she, too, will have a burden for the souls of men.

Step 1 for us is learning the Thai language. Benjamin had his first lesson this week and I will begin on Tuesday! We are looking forward to actually being able to communicate without a translator with more than just hand motions. 😀 But for now it will have to do.