New Favorites and Old Favorites

Here are some new things that I’ve come to love and some old things that I am SO glad are available here….even if they do look different. hehe

Passion Fruit…..absolutely delicious! Now I can understand why it’s called PASSION fruit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Old favorite….Cheetos! Haha….Thai style. Actually no. If it were Thai style it would either be fish flavored or have flames on the outside.

Passion Fruit Jam! (Canย you tell I like this fruit? hehe)ย  No I did not make this.ย  A lady from the village made it.

New favorite…..riding on the motorcycle. Don’t worry….I don’t drive. But riding is very fun!

Old Favorite…..Starbucks. So glad they have this place here. And it tastes the same!

Old favorite……Spoons! (Check out the Whidbey Island cards)ย  An old favorite played with new friends. So much fun!

Hanging out with my new little buddy.

A beautiful red dragonfly we spotted walking home from the office.

New favorite……Spring Rolls from the Vietnamese restaurant right around the corner.

Me and my passion fruit jam! ๐Ÿ˜€