No Fear?

I think everyone to one degree or another has the desire to be independent. To feel that you are in control. To think that if you desire something then you can push for it and there is no need to fear anything opposing you…. When you have the option between a course of vegetables and water or else some beautifully laid out meal, would anything stop you from choosing the meal you want. Well, in the case of Daniel, he was given the choice between two contrasting options. His thought process when deeper though than what he wanted though. The thought probably ran through his mind, “wow, a blessing from God! I can’t wait to eat”. However, he remembered that when he was back in Judah he had purposed in his heart to not live after the world. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. He knew that God was everywhere beholding the evil and the good and his choice was important. Every choice a child of God makes is important. If your a Child of God, do not make excuses for why you sin. If you making excuses then obviously you are not fearing the Lord. The fear of the Lord will affect the choices you make.

As Daniel talked to the prince of the eunuchs he found out who the eunuch feared. The fear of the Lord was not in his life, but rather the fear of the king. Who you fear will affect your choices.

Don’t misunderstand and think that it is going to always be the hard choice, the option that you didn’t want. God isn’t into making us have a miserable life. But, we do have a sinful flesh and that is going to try to persuade your decisions into sin. Today our choice really isn’t over food like Daniel’s was, though it can be if your prone to glutteny. Our choices have to do with the Word of God. In the choice that you are about to make, does it please God or your flesh? Who have you purposed in your heart to serve? Who do you reverance, God or man (which includes yourself).

Some men will say they have no fear, but if you show them the consequences for the decisions they make then they will fear. If a man makes the “no fear of God” choice to never repent of his sins, when he stands before God (as we all will). Fear will overwhelm his heart as he had never known. It will not be the fear of hell, but the fear of God. When you see God every knee will bow, there will be not a person who will not fear Him on that great and dreadful day.

Make every choice a wise choice today, purpose in your heart to fear the Lord. When you encounter that decision that has sin tainted on it. Fear the Lord. Choose whom you will server today. If you don’t fear God, your decisions will prove it

I’ve just started going through the book of Daniel for my devotions and it has been a good challenge. Thanks for reading my thoughts for today…