No More Dots and Swirlies!

A few years ago I began decorating cakes with a friend. We would do it for special occasions (if we were brave enough!) but because we hadn’t taken a class we were learning things the hard way and didn’t know many of the technics.  Many late nights were spent bent over a cake applying royal icing flowers or fretting over crumbs in the frosting. We were unfamiliar with how to use the tips so we were pretty limited with what designs we could do…..dots and swirlies pretty much completed our style.

I am so excited to say I’ve completed Course 1 in Wilton Cake Decorating! I have learned so much in this class, easier ways to do things! No more dots and swirlies for me.  Ok……yes I’ll still use them, but I don’t feel as limited.  I hope to take the more advanced classes at some point. I would LOVE to learn how to make all of the beautiful flowers with gum paste, fondant, and royal icing. At some point I hope to post tips and things I’ve learned in the class. Stay tuned!

Here was my final project….