Not My Will BUT Thine

I’ve been reading my Pastors book, “Keys to Discerning the Will of
God” and it a great book in helping me understand what exactly the
Will of God looks like. Since being saved I can honestly say that ive
desired to be in Gods Will. The problem to me was it seemed to be just
a term and became kind of nebulous. I wondered what exactly the Will
of God was. Sometimes I would think it was my end goal, what I was
ultimately shooting for. Through time in the Bible and hearing
preaching Ive come to a better understanding that it’s not just the
ultimate end, but God is concerned with every little choice I make.
This book really helped add more specifics though so I can better
discern what is Gods voice and what is my own desire. I think that is
the hardest thing. Though my desire is to be like Christ, my flesh
trys to convince me that I will get there, but I need to choose what
feels good and everything will still come to pass. Wrong! If you don’t
follow God will for every decision then you will not be in Gods path.
It’s a simple concept, if you obey the flesh your not in the will of
God, if you make decisions to follow the Will of God you will be
following Gods leading. 2+2=4

The absolute best way to know Gods will is to know the one who
designed the path. Know the Word of God and apply it to every
decision. If you shirk on knowing the Bible you will be a double
minded man who is unstable in his ways. You will desire to follow
Christ, but will not know where to go. The flesh will then convince
you astray. The Bible has the answers for life. When you have Gods
word within you your ways will be established.

Stay on the yellow brick road 🙂

P.S. I have no idea where that last illustration came from, but it’s a
good visual picture. There’s a path that will lead you Home all others
lead to destruction 🙂