One blessing right after another

All I can say is that I am so thankful for the “mountaintop” times the
Lord gives. Right now I could use some time to pause and think, but
right now I have to keep trotting on.

The greatest blessing I have right now to share is the blessing to be
able to preach a 10 min. challenge for the Sunday evening service. The
Lord has been showing me some good stuff. I have to focus my point
down on my message, that’s my hard part 🙂 Bro. Ronnie is such a nice
guy. He helped me try to get my ideas pinned down and outlined. Bro.
Ronnie has always been such a great blessing to my life. I thank the
Lord for him.

Also as an additional blessing the Lord helped me win three video
projects!!! It is such a blessing because it will help me increase my
feedback for future projects and the one guy told me that he is a
Baptist also. It will be great getting to know this guy. Well, some of
you will get to hear my message and for those who don’t, well, just
pray for me that the Word of God will go forth with power and will
speak to people’s hearts. I think people sometimes pay attention more
when it is a new person speaking… I don’t know, anyway,

Have a Great Day!