Ouch. Can’t…..move….

Today was a great experience in my life. I went skiing/snowboarding for the first time. Hence, the title. I am so sore I can barely walk. Should make tomorrow fun! (Wisdom teeth).

I didn’t take any pictures. It was kind of hard in the moment to pull out a camera. Many memories were recorded, but only I can recall them as they are stuck in my head and not in print. I started out snowboarding. I had to give it a try, especially since everyone said it was much harder. I didn’t want to avoid it just because it sounded hard. After some attempts on the bunny slope I finally ventured onto the “easy” normal slope. Getting on and off the lift was hard enough with a snowboard, but after immediately getting off and seeing this enormous drop I thought “I’m toast!” I couldn’t help but wonder why it was the “easy” path. I would hate to go down the hard one! After three runs on the snowboard with gliding a few feet, fall, glide, fall, glide, fall, etc. you get the idea, I decided to switch to skis. I wasn’t having a very good time with that snowboard but was still glad that I had tried it.

Onto skis I went! Anna helped me up to the bunny slope, upon which I was terrible! She believed in me and encouraged me to go up the lift and try the slope. Even though I was scared out of my wits, I am glad I did. That first time is always the hardest. My first run down was…..amusing. Anna had a good time at least. 🙂 I fell frequently and often looked like a helicopter. But I was determined to at least get the hang of skiing if I couldn’t get snowboarding. Each run got a little better, and I even did a few runs with no falling at all! That was a huge deal for me. 😀 All in all, I had a blast! Lesson for today: Never avoid trying something because it sounds hard and keep an open mind, but be aware of when it’s just not working for ya. 🙂 Yay for skiing!