Our Birthday!

This past Sunday Josh and I turned 20.  20 seems like a bigger deal to me than 18 and I am still trying to figure out why.  Maybe it’s because I am “officially” out of my teens and into “adulthood”.  I am in my 20s!  As with almost all of my years, I shared my birthday with my twin…..DUH! I have to say that our relationship growing up wasn’t always one of joy and love, but it has grown to be so.  We’ve become such good friends and I know we’ll carry that into our 90’s. 🙂  To celebrate we had several families over after church to roast hot dogs over the bonfire.  Granted, the adults didn’t sit around the fire but it was really fun for us “younger folk” to enjoy the blaze.  The fun included a lesson on how to properly roast a hot dog, an intense game of Sorry Card Revenge, and lots of pictures!  Everyone made it such a memorable birthday! 

To finish off the evening I had three of my best of friends stay the night.  I don’t know that you would consider this entirely adventurous, but we chose to sleep on the deck in order to admire the stars.  It was such a beautiful, clear night!  SOME people were rather chatty and wouldn’t let OTHERS go to sleep…but that’s ok…I am not bitter. :-p  haha… anywho, I slept fine until a rooster conversation at 5am woke me from my slumber.  I wonder, do roosters NORMALLY crow at all hours of the day??  Our neighbor’s does! It’s rather humurous.  I wonder if he is blind. hehe  Well, like I said, I had a fabulous birthday and I thank God for giving me another year to serve Him.