Our Dramatic Life

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Things have been quite dramatic around here lately! And I mean that in the best sense. 🙂 Let me rewind a little bit.

Every year EBA spends the spring working on a big project. In past years they’ve gone to Illinois to participate in a competition with like-minded schools in areas such as music, art, preaching, etc. Last year they went to Ohio and I had the opportunity to join them! You can read about that here. Well Mr. Anger, the school principal, had a great idea to change things up this year and suggested the high school put on a drama. He talked to Benjamin about making it happen, which off course he was super excited to do!

So we found ourselves over Christmas break scrambling to find a drama for them to perform. This is a unique dilemma and we had to take a lot of things into consideration. We just could NOT find anything that had a solid message AND fit all our criteria for the high schoolers. In all honesty, we were discouraged. BUT….we give all the praise to the Lord because he brought us out of our discouragement and put the idea in our path to write our own drama. Now, Ben has written many skits over the years for EBA to perform for competitions and such. He does SUCH a good job! But this….this would be a much bigger performance. With the Lord’s help, we pushed forward. Many days and nights were spent typing, editing, diagraming on the whiteboard, and acting things out in our own living room.

After three weeks we did our final edit on a 28 page drama (which has yet to be named). With much excitement we printed the scripts and introduced the high schoolers to their big project for the spring! As we were writing the script our vision of how the drama would go forth became clearer and more exciting: plans for staging, special effects and costumes. I think our excitement rubbed off on the teens as they read their scripts and began to eagerly sign up for auditions.

It was so fun to sit on the audition panel and watch these young people perform their interpretation of the characters. They all did a splendid job! It got us even more excited. 🙂 So now we have chosen who will play what part and we are moving forward to performance dates of April 18 and 20, which includes Easter Sunday Night. Keep your eyes out for updates as we get closer to performance date. It will be an exciting few months!

Here are some Pictures…

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