Our First Child – Snow Child that is ;)

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What to do on a Saturday evening when your plans have been canceled due to snow? Make the most of it, of course! And by make the most of it, I mean make a snowman. Snow people are fun to make for so many reasons. They are who you make them to be! They have whatever personality you give them as a result of food or plant products you attach to their snow bodies. You can make a skinny snowman (although that’s rather difficult) or a chunky fella. Let’s just say ours needs to be introduced to proper nutrition and exercise. 🙂 Your snow person can also have whatever occupation you deem him worthy to have. Ours just so happens to be a messenger. He’s so good at relaying messages. He spits messages all over the country this season! So, without further ado, we would like to introduce you to Maximus the Messenger.

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