Our Little Bonus Boy

Today was the birthday of my little brother Hudson. We’ve given him a nickname which he really loves us calling him. We call him our little bonus boy because he came into our family at the tail end. I can still remember the day when I saw my after he got back early in the morning and I was able to get everyone together and my dad told us it was a boy and his name was definitely going to be Hudson. All of us kids wanted his name to be Hudson because we all thought it sounded so cool and also the fact that Hudson Taylor was a missionary to China made it a great name.

Another part about Hudson’s arrival was that day when we went into school, I can still remember Mrs. Rossi asking me to announce who was born, It was exciting 🙂 Hudson has so changed our lives and life would definitely not be the same without him. I’ve got a couple pictures I took today.

As a little tidbit, I think my brother is going to be an accountant kid like my dad. He is doing so very very good with numbers and he is always calculating things out and telling us how much we will save or how long something took. We all get a good laugh out of him. Today when my mother Hudson and I went into Weis to get him a cake for today my mother had her mind toward getting and icecream cake, but Hudson saw a sign that caught his attention. FREE SODA… Now that is enough to catch any little boys attention. It was a double wammy for her Hudson because it was not only soda, but free soda. He convinced my mom that though you had to buy the small cake to get the free icecream it would still be cheaper to buy two cakes and get two free liter sodas than buying one icecream cake. Since it was his birthday my mom let him make the choice. I can’t describe how excited he was to have his birthday dinner. The girls had made a really special little supper which you will see in the pictures. He was giving everybody hugs tonight 🙂 Little kids are soo cool 🙂

Have a Great Night Everyone!



Hudson talking with Pastor 🙂