Out of Control!!!

As the soldiers marched across the field they looked at the oppenents
general advancing to meet theirs. Anger burned in their heart to that
man whom they thought intended to destroy their life. To the suprise
of this army, the opposing army began to call out to them join us or
perish. The call was rejected, but as the opposing armies got closer
this army suddenly realized that their fight was futile. The call from
across the field echoed again. Join us!

Some thought this proposal rediculous and continued to march, but this
soldier who now writes this blog decided to lay down his armes and run
to the other side. You see, the other soldiers had no weapons. They
simply marched behind their leader and asked him to fight on their
behalf. I was no longer under the control of the devil. Upon laying
down my arms and coming to the other side I was relieved from having
to fight with my flesh. I decided to live in the spirit. I was not
longer in control, the devil was no longer my leader. I became free.
Free from his opressing control to fight for his wicked kingdom. I’m
free from a certain death. I have recieved life. I am no longer in his
control I am out of control 🙂

I just finished having a great devotions with my brother and sister
on the book of Romans 8. It is an excellent chapter (not excluding the
other chapters) and it talks about being free from the law of sin.
Just think of the wonderful freedom we have from the law of sin. Some
think, ya your out of control. The life your living is boring, and
you’ll just die and that’s it. Nooo!!! That is not it, I’m living
under the control of the spirit of God. The God who is all-powerful.
Our victory is sure and secure.Thr life I used to live was death,
withless, I was bound for hell. Through Christ however, by joining his
side I am protected by his loving hand. Never do I want to live and
act like the world does. I’m finished with that life. For to me to
live is Christ.

Romans 8 has been great fun to study.

BTW- I wanted to thank everyone that stopped by the other day on Sept.
11. I had far more people on that day than I ever had on any of the
other days. Also, I appreciate your comments to my posts and your
emails. They are a blessing to me 🙂 I throughly enjoy reading them.

In case you wondering… that last blog wasn’t the exciting on that I
wrote about in the previous blog, though I am very excited about that
post. I still have a message I’m working on. It’s been busy 🙂

Bottom line – if your not saved, get out of control of the devil and
make the choice to live for God. It is true freedom!