Ponder Your Path

Its weird, I’m wide awake and feel like starting a new day, however I
only got in bed an hour ago and for some reason I got up. When I got
up I remembered that I didn’t read my Proverbs a day!!! I use a lot of
exclamation points because that has been one of my goals that I wanted
to make a habit of in my life and I’m getting close to having been
faithful in doing that for month which makes it exciting for me to see
the days add up on my goal chart.

I think God woke me up for this reason and whala… Or however you
spell that. I found a gem which I thought I would pass on to y’all and
share the wealth. 🙂 In Proverbs 4:26 we are given the warning to
ponder our path. Hmm, I have the feeling that many people in the world
make decisions off the cuff without regard to future results. They
hope that everything just goes great. As a Christian with a goal for
godliness the choices I make are vital. You see the devil leads his
children on a broad road lined with entertainment to soothe their
every passion. However, my choice to walk down the narrow road does
not have those dainties. There are many reasons why I must decide not
to set my foot in the wicked path. One, I could cause a brother in
Christ to fall. Second, I would be stepping into dangerous territory
by leaving God’s will. Third, I could be leading a lost person to the
fires of hell. There a lot of other reasons, but the bottom line is
that we should ponder our path because it will affect not only your
own future, but those around you as well. The temptations of the
flesh, the lust of the eyes and pride of life will swirl about you.
BUT, Ponder Your Path.

I hope this post was a blessing, I’m glad God woke me up and reminded
me. That’s my blessing. OK, I’m now getting tired, I hope that this
blog doesn’t have too many grammar errors 🙂

May God Bless You as You Ponder,