Practical Lessons for Living in Thailand…(Part 1)

At least…..these are things I have learned in the short time I have been here.  Granted, these won’t apply to everyone, but here it goes:

Number One (or……Nung): Always put your contacts on BEFORE getting into the shower. You never know what you might encounter (bugs) and you do NOT want to be blind for it.

Number Two (song): When everyone around you is speaking Thai and you suddenly hear your name then laughing, immediately seek out a translator. If there isn’t one around, just laugh with them.

Number Three (sam): It’s only a good idea to ask “How much is it?” in Thai if you can actually understand their answer… (note to self….learn numbers better) 😀

Number Four (see):  It’s ok to drive like an American (on the right side of the road)…..but only if you’re on a motorcycle. (eeek!!)

Number Five (ha): The meat section of the open air market is not for the faint of heart.

Number Six (hok): Always have pretty feet.  You never know when you will be going barefoot. In a store, at church, at the office, etc.

Number Seven (jedt): Sticky rice tastes so much better when accompanied by pork on a stick.

Number Eight (bahd): “Ped mai ka?” means “Is it spicy?” VERY important thing to know….

Number Nine (gao): Google translate is not an effective way to communicate between Thai and English.

Number Ten (siyp): If a Thai person tells you the food is not spicy, do not assume that the food is not spicy.  Brace yourself for the possibility that it WILL turn your mouth into flames. Just a suggestion. 🙂

More to come…