Practical Lessons for Living in Thailand (Part 2)

Number Eleven (siyp-et):  Don’t be surprised if the security officer bags your groceries and sort of walks you out at the grocery store.  It’s not because you’re a farang. That’s just what they do. (I was a bit confused the first time!)

Number Twelve (siyp-song):  Never, ever leave any food out on the counter for more than five minutes.  You will have thousands of tiny ants coming for dinner if you do.

Number Thirteen (siyp-sam): Speaking of ants, don’t stand on the porch too long where the red ants reside.  They are rather carniverous and they WILL chase you!  Not to mention they eat their dead and that alone is frightening!

Number Fourteen (siyp-see): Thai people aren’t used to seeing a white girl on the back of a motorcycle with a Thai girl.  Expect to get some funny looks.

Number Fifteen (siyp-ha): And speaking of funny looks, Thai babies are often enthralled at their first encounter with a white face.  I’ve received some very amusing looks (mouth hanging open with a somewhat concerned look.)

Number Sixteen (siyp-hoke): Always carry toilet paper or tissues in your purse.  Enough said.

Number Seventeen (siyp-jedt):  Riding side-saddle on a motorcycle isn’t as scary as it looks.

Number Eighteen (siyp-bad):   To drive like an American will put you in more danger when driving even though you are driving “safely”.  It’s more “safe” to drive like the Thai and abandon most rules. 🙂

Number Nineteen (siyp-gao):  Corn in Thailand is considered a dessert item. Corn ice cream anyone?

Number Twenty (song-siyp):  Never take a night walk in the rain.  It might cause flooding issues. 😀

2 Comments on “Practical Lessons for Living in Thailand (Part 2)”

  1. Thanks for letting us experience Thailand through your eyes. It’s not the same as being there ourselves, but you’ve definitely thrown yourself into the whole experience and culture, as much as possible while you’ve been there:). Enjoy the rest of your time there. It seems to be going quickly.

  2. Thanks, Meleah. It HAS gone by so fast and I’m trying to experience the culture as much as possible. It’s definitely been an experience and I L.O.V.E. it! 🙂

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