Preaching Prep

Brother Ronnie sent an email out to some of us preacher boys and asked if any of us would like to volunteer to preach for this upcoming Wednesday’s service since it will be the New Year (2009) and it would make it a special night to have a couple of us younger guys practice preaching. I am always thankful for an opportunity to practice preaching and so I told Brother Ronnie I would be glad to. However, I am more nervous this time than at other times because Pastor has been giving us really good instructions on how to study the Bible diligently and to make sure that we are getting the correct purpose or intent of the passage. Though the task seems daunting I felt that the Lord gave me some great points tonight as I was studying and I am looking forward to digging deeper and putting the message together. It is amazing how it is possible that by diligent studying of the Bible the Lord can open our eyes to see thoughts and lessons which we never saw before. Some of the truths I’ve seen before just became so much more vivid and amazing as I looked into the passage even more. It is like putting a filter on a camera or using photoshop to enhance the shot. It is the same picture, same point, but the clarity all of sudden amazes.

Well, I’m excited now. I need to go to bed. I will look forward to preaching the message next Wednesday Lord willing and for those of you national and international readers who aren’t living in PA, well, I will do my best to get the video uploaded and posted on the blog so you can check it out. =)

Have a Great Day!!!