Quite a Few Busy Weeks

Hello again, it has been quite some time since I wrote on my blog, its not that I’ve forgotten to, but simply I’ve not had time to. The highlight blessings for the past couple of weeks have been
1. I had another opportunity to speak to my orthodontist about Christ
2. The Lord has been so good to give me more than enough work opportunities.
3. On the Friday moving job (which was quite a story) I was able to give a tract and DVD to the son of the family Nat and I moved. The family had just gone through a divorce and we were helping the mother and children move away. Hopefully he will read it and God will be able to do a work in his life. Divorce is such an aweful aweful thing.
4. Had some good group music practices with my family.
5. I am blessed to be alive. If you heard about Friday’s moving job you will know what I mean.

Its been busy, I will try to put some more interesting things up as soon as I have time. Until then, Goodnight!