RAN/UPG……..what is it? Restricted Access Nations/Unreached People Groups. The theme for our church in 2011 is Firm Foundations. Getting our church in the position that it needs to be in to really focus on a new work. Building up those foundations that are so important. Once a month, we have intercessory prayer meetings. Now, every Wednesday night we have a prayer meeting, but this one is different. We dedicate that night to lengthy prayer about a certain country that is hard to get into or a people group that isn’t currently being reached with the gospel. This month, the country was North Korea. On Sunday night we were shown a documentary about the country. It’s amazing how much bondage they are in!! Tonight we divided up into smaller groups and prayed in detail. It was a wonderful time of prayer. The idea is to do this once a month with our hearts and minds open to what the Lord would have us to do. Whether or not he will give US the burden and whether or not he wants US to go to these people in one of these nations. I’m excited to see what direction the Lord is going to lead our church over the next year.