Recital Time!

Ok…so I know you’ve all been sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear about my recital. :-p Just kidding. One thing is for sure, I was riding on wings of prayer and I thank all those that were praying. This was the most nervous I have ever been for a piano performance. I repeat, EVER!!! As I was backstage waiting to go out I was literally shaking but praying. And praying hard. As I sat there I briefly reviewed my starting notes before I began playing. I then realized, “*gasp! I’ve forgotten what comes after that!!!” Relying on the Lord, I just began. With a few minor blips, He helped me get through and I was even halfway satisfied with the piece. That’s way more than what I expected! Playing a piece from memory is sooooo different from playing with music. ahhh! So now the first college recital is over and hopefully it’s smooth sailing from here. Enjoy!

The lid was left down from the performance before of me and I didn’t even notice till I was already playing. Very frustrating…

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