Rejoicing in Revival

The messages which Bro. Williams brought to LVBC were challenging and
were laid out so clearly. I’ve got a blessing which I’ll mention at
the end, but I wanted to first tell you the message that most stood
out to me. The message that really challenged me was the one
concerning whether we are bearing the marks of Christ. When Bro.
Williams gave the picture of Christ bearing the marks for us really
pricked my heart of how unashamedly I ought I be bearing his marks.
The verse Romans 1:16 just came into my mind.

Oh, oh I thought my Pastor had such an awesome point about finances
tonight. He basically said that Christ gives us finances and we are to
direct that money into the locations he wants them spent. It’s like
the three guys that took care of their masters talents, well, at least
two of them did. Thinking about finances that way really puts a good
perspective on things, because like stewards we are going to be
reaponsible for how we used the money given to us. A man ought to be
found faithful

Ok, the two lessons above are really blessings, however what gets me
the most excited is to see or hear of someone getting saved …and you
know… what once again God knocked on our neighbors heart door and Mrs.
Lagans daughter, Amanda recieved Christ after completing the fourth
Bible study with my sister Nina. It was truly an exciting day.

Speaking of neighbors. The neighbors in front of us are moved out and
are putting their house on the market. Unfortunately, those particular
neighbors, though extremely nice to us through the years, have never
been interested in anything about the Bible. If you think about me
pray that we get some neighbors who will be receptive to the gospel
and we will be able to lead them to Christ. Please pray for the right
people to come along. Thanks!

Good Night Everyone!