Renewal of Friendship

As a military child, I have experienced the joy of living in many places and meeting a lot of people.  Now when I say joy, that is only half true.  At times I loved it, and at times I longed for a place to truly call home, a place where I could really sink myself into the church without having to be yanked out in three years.  For three years of my life (age 9-12) we lived in Jacksonville, Florida.  There were a few families that we were especially close to in the church and hated to leave.  One family in particular lived a few blocks away and had three sons (One a little older than I and two around Becca’s age).  When I was 12 I would babysit the younger two once a week and it was such a joy!  It was really exciting to have my FIRST babysitting job! Also, Mr. R could never get my name right when we first met them.  He always called me Abigail, and it just stuck, even when he COULD remember my name!  So I have always been Abigail to him.

This week these friends were here (all the way from Georgia!) for a visit.  They were ultimately coming out here to visit their family in Oregon, but stopped  by to see us on their way. The last time I had seen them was when I was 14….Glad to say that I have changed since then! 🙂  We had a fabulous time!  Their two younger sons have grown quite a bit and were a lot of fun to spend time with.  Their entire family is especially interested in the outdoors (hiking, fishing, boating, etc.)  So on Tuesday we all made a special trip out to Friday Harbor for the day.  The day started out cold and foggy, but Praise the Lord it ended being a beautiful day!  Perfect for a ferry ride!  We ate at Downriggers then browsed the shops and walked the docks (which was right up their alley). 🙂 It was so fun! 

The boys and Rebecca on the ferry

Mr. and Mrs. R
Mr. R and the boys
All of us on the ferry

It is always refreshing to spend time with fellow believers who love the Lord.  It was great to catch up with them and to renew the friendship.  Although we have kept in touch over the years, I have a hunch the friendship will be tighter from here on out. Praise the Lord for the many wonderful friends He has blessed us with!