Rickett’s Glen – A Fabulous Getaway!

The first month or so of marriage have been great! It’s also been very busy. Busy doesn’t even seem like a strong enough word. Tiring. Crazy. Energizing. etc. 🙂 Most of the busyness has come from our house. The projects seem endless, although we DID just make a list of everything we need to do before we can consider the house “done” (for now). So at least the end is in sight! I’ve been getting lots of strokes out of my paintbrush and Benjamin has been trying to fit things in during the evenings after he gets home from work.

As much fun as it is to work on a house :-)…we decided to take a day off and head out of town to go for a hike. This adventure was pushed off a couple of weeks in a row, but this past Saturday we FINALLY made our way to Rickett’s Glen State Park.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather! It was sunny most of the day and overcast just when you started to feel a little hot. After two hours of driving we arrived at Rickett’s Glen and began to map out our hike. If chosen carefully, you can see about 21 waterfalls along your hike! We picked a few trails we thought would give us a decent hike without going the longest route of over 7 miles. Thus we began our trek. Absolutely stunning is insufficient to describe the waterfalls. We chose to hike the loop that takes you around all of the waterfalls, which included many steep climbs and rough terrain. An adventure it was, indeed! Once we reached the end of the waterfall loop we headed back on the trail to our car. For some reason….the trail seemed MUCH longer than the 3.2 miles I thought we were hiking. After looking at the map again I realized we hiked 6.2 miles! I think I need to relearn how to add up mileage. 🙂

We enjoyed our getaway. It was wonderful to go on an adventure together and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. I am still amazed at the gorgeous design that He scattered across this nation. No matter where you go there is always a reminder of God’s goodness to us and His power and might. We drove home feeling tired with sore feet, but feeling overwhelmed at God’s greatness.

Here are several pictures we took on this hike! Enjoy!!!

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