Singles Awareness Day…..throughout the course of today (Valentine’s Day) I’ve seen this mentioned numerous times, whose acronym is SAD.  (?!?!?)  I know most of the time this is said in jest as we single folk reflect on yet another Valentine’s Day with no valentine.  🙂  But is it really SO sad? As I look back to my mid-teens I remember thinking often that I would love to be married right out of high school. Why not?! But now that I’m a little older (wiser?) I can see the importance of my single years.  I can honestly say that God has done things in my life and used me in ways that He could not have if I had been married right away.  Now don’t get me wrong, those who ARE married so young, you are truly blessed. 🙂  But as I continue to dwell on my “singleness” I get excited at the prospect of what else God has in store.  How else is He going to use me during my availability as a single woman?

We, as the finite beings we are, are not able to see the next step God has for us in our lives.  Often we try to guess and even plan according to those guesses. But, as I’ve discovered, so many times God has something different planned!

So, to my single friends. Rejoice! God can use you in ways right now that He may never be able to do in the future! Cherish those moments and before we know it, God will plop that “valentine” right in front of us. 🙂 I, for one, know it will be worth the wait!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  My gift to my family…..:-)