Sandy’s Blow on PA

Knocking out trees, powerlines, homes and business’s, Hurricane Sandy cruised ashore the north eastern shore of the United States on Monday October 29th.Thanks to my young brother Hudson and the Weathermen on my family and I were kept up to date with the latest course of this windy threat many days in advance of it’s arrival. This allowed us to stock up with food and gas in ease. I’ve attached a picture of what the bread aisle looked like after it was scavenged by local residents.

Monday’s weather didn’t tell the tale of what was about to arrive. It almost appeared that the hurricane was a farce since in my area the weather was simply a slow consistent flow of rain throughout the day without any hint of horrific winds as the weatherman had been forewarning us about. Little did we know of what was about to take place throughout the night. Record settings winds sped through our town leaving many people to be astounded by Tuesday mornings changes. Enormous trees which would have taken many large machines to uproot lay sprawled out across the landscape. As for my house there were about eight trees down, but thanks be to God, none of them touched our home. The only true damage we received was from a tree which took out the corner of our garage, then crushed through our shed roof ¬†where it came to rest across the hood of the car Titus drives (He won’t be driving it anymore). Two other trees fell across our driveway, another in our neighbors front lawn and four+ more pine trees which came down between us and our other neighbors. We can actually wave to our neighbors now!

This storm was truly an incredible small display of the power of nature, or in reality; the power of God. I do not believe it is a far stretch to say that God was sending a warning to those in the United States who are ignoring God. I think this storm was God communicating to us that He is long-suffering. I don’t believe it is any coincidence that it came on the day that this world was celebrating the devil and his demons. I’m not at all saying God is trying to wake us up to who to vote for Tuesday, but rather to ask us to have our own internal vote … where our heart? BTW, the government can only lead as far as the people of this nation allow them. Are you displeased with the direction of this country, then check your heart. Our hearts our desperately wicked and if you are following your heart rather than God’s then its no wonder why this nation is the way it is. This nation is composed of people and if you want to change the nation, then change your heart. May the winds of change blow in your heart.