Wow, how much simpler of a title could I get. I can’t really say that I’m thankful for the craziness which school brings, but I am thankful for what learn from it :). The more I study in school the more I find out how little I know :). Also, the more projects I take on the more I realize I don’t know. At least I have a relationship with the One who knows all things and is able to help me through everything. I am working on finishing one or hopefully two classes by the end of this week. Also, I just finished another video this past Saturday. I won’t post it on here till it is shown at church so ya’ll from LVBC don’t cheat 😀 lol. Its actually not really that exciting, but it was fun and challenging to work on as always. I also am working on updating website and boy is it hard. I used a simple cheapo web design program and it encoded the website into XML. Now come on, I was just starting to feel I had a little bit of a handle on HTML with PHP. Hopefully I can get the page updated soon. There has been so many projects as of recent, I don’t know how they are all getting done, I’m quite worn out. Thankfully God is helping me through them all. Praising the Lord and running for the bed, again. 🙂 I probably wont write on here till the week is over because it is so busy. Until then….Press on!