Scrub Scrub Scrub

Almost the entire day my mother and sister Nina cleaned the house. Tonight was the Men’s Meeting, and for those who were traveling from further states to this meeting our church (LVBC) offered to house those men. Our family was going to be hosting Pastor Morrison and one of the men from his church. This offering of our house meant that I was going to need to move out for the night and stay in my brother Titus’ room. I can’t say I was that my mind was that thrilled about leaving my comfortable room. But I am glad to be able to be a blessing to others, specially to men like Brother Morrison. He is a great man of God and He is a man I look up to.

Sooo as I was saying, my mother and sister scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. They vacuumed the entire basement thoroughly. They dusted everything, they scrubbed my mirror, they changed my covers, set up another bed and put clean covers on it. They bought orange juice (we only buy it on special occasions). They scrubbed and washed every inch of the bathrooms and organized all the bathroom accessories. The final thing they did was make a lot of cookies. To sum it up, they prepared my room for President to sleep in…..Only to find out, Pastor Morrison was sick and the other man wasn’t feeling that great.

Sooo, who do you think gets to sleep in this totally cleaned place 🙂 If you can’t guess what my blessing is for today then ummmm, I don’t know what to say.

My Mother and Sister’s are a blessing to me, I know if Selena wasn’t at school she would have helped too. I just want to take this blog to publicly say that they are a blessing to me and I am Thankful for wonderful family! Here are a couple pictures of their wonderful work 🙂

Have a Good Night My Friends,