Simply Suspenseful

The last week has actually been a little discouraging, but as I said in last night’s blog I am so thankful that Jesus does hear His childrens prayers. Recently I finished some fairly large projects I two of my clients combined owed me $660 . The one client is in another country and after the project was complete he told me he would pay me that upcoming Monday because of a problem with his account. Well, it got discouraging after more than a week later he still hadn’t paid and told me he was in the hospital. I was glad he at least responded so at least I knew he wasn’t hiding from the payment. But, then about another week to two weeks later still I got nothing from him, no word at all. Then on top of that the other guy wasn’t paying me. Then I got this headache, lost my voice, had another client telling me he wanted his huge project done in half the time and I have homework due next week and two other deadlines for projects were looming over my head. Ya, so I kept coming to God and asking Him to please just have these two guys pay so it takes at least these two things off my mind. Well, Finally the guy wrote me this morning out of the blue and said, “I’m going to send you half the payment now”. He then told me how rough his life was and that he broke up with his girlfriend. I then thought, ahh I know why the Lord delayed having this guy send me the payment. He was waiting for this occassion that I could tell Him how when I have problems I can take them to the Lord. He told me that his problems have caused him to be depressed. I gave him the link to the What Standard video which he told me he watched and thought was very good. The Lord always has his purpose. I thought it would be the obvious purpose to just get me the money :p . The Lord’s timing made that whole waiting period seem like nothing. I could go for a witnessing opportunity like that any day.

I wish that the Lord was able to just tell me what He has in mind so that I don’t have to be in suspense of when the funds would come in, but then it wouldn’t be as much of an exciting surprise would it. I just need to make sure that the sin is out of my life so I can be a channel which the Lord can use. Now thats a blessing!

Once again, Thanks folks for reading,