Snow Day!

This morning around 6:00 as I rolled over to whack the snooze button for the second time I heard my cell phone buzz indicating a text.  Sure enough, the college had sent out a notice that classes were canceled.  I jumped out of bed and looked out the window! In my excitement I forgot that I need my glasses to see any reasonable distance in front of me so I scurried back to grab them from my nightstand. Sure enough, a beautiful layer of snow was glowing in the darkness.  With a contended sigh I went back to sleep knowing it would be a good day. 🙂  When I officially decided I would get up, I looked out my window again, this time with my glasses.  It had snowed even more and was still falling! I would say we got 6-8 inches today overall. It’s supposed to snow some through the night and even tomorrow. I wonder if school will be canceled again…..most likely. 

3 Comments on “Snow Day!”

  1. One of the few snow days that I’ve had was spent up at your house, when I was house sitting for the Prisks while they were in South America. The view is so pretty in the snow!

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