Some Cool Clients

There are two really nice guys I work for, Mark and Damian, the one lives in Florida and the other in Georgia. They run the website and a little over a week ago they had their Grand Opening. The Grand Opening was hosted at Marks house and wow his house is amazing. They invited the people that are on their website to come and visit and start making relationships and doing deals with people. Their website is really taking off, I check it every day or two and the member database is always increasing.

I came across a link from one of the members on VDF who taped some of the house, I didn’t realize how cool the house was 🙂

I think Damian checks my blog every so often here so I’ll make sure to put a plug in for his business and tell you that he does a fabulous job, seriously, he is a great guy. =) So if you are into real estate you gotta check out his website .

Here is the video:

Have a Fabulous Day!!!