Song Writing

For some time now I’ve been interested in writing music, primarily church music.  Up until now I’ve felt completely inadequate to do so (actually….I still do) but now I have a little music theory under my belt to help me get under way! So excited! Being only halfway done with my second quarter of Music Theory I know there is still SOO much to learn! But what I have learned so far should give me some direction in writing simple music.

A few years ago I purchased Finale! Songwriter for $50. I wasn’t a huge fan of spending the money on it but I knew it would come in handy and that it was a more professional program (although not nearly as extensive as the version at school. Whew! Talk about confusing!).  Let me just say, Finale has a learning curve! There are still so many things I need to figure out. But the finished product does look very professional!

 Last month a friend told me about Noteflight. Ah-HA! Free….online….just sign up! Perfect! I haven’t had a chance to explore it extensively but it appears to be a great program! I am sure there are so many things I have yet to learn about it.

I think my favorite of all the three programs is Musescore.  I just started using this program tonight and so far I love it!! It’s pretty simple to use and that really appeals to me.  Spending less time having to figure out a program gives me more time to actually write the music!

For other musicians out there, have you tried these? What program do you like to use?