Spring is Springing!

Yesterday morning as I walked to my class in boots and a sweater the thought never occurred to me that by the time I was finished with my class the sun would be shining brilliantly and that flipflops would have been more appropriate.  It was a perfect gift from God to finish out a busy week.  I was even more grateful because a friend and myself had planned to see the tulips and the sunshine was perfect!  I never cease to be amazed at how God reveals himself through His creation, these beautiful detailed flowers. Their splendid color and beauty never fails to make me smile.

Today, another beautiful day! started off with outreach. It’s always encouraging when you get a good amount of people that not only answer their doors but seem interested in what you have to say! I’ll be looking for a few of them at services tomorrow. 🙂

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of spring is to plant pots for the porch.  They always seem so bare and basic but after a few weeks the flowers are spilling over the rims! Right now as I sit watching the neighbor’s horses prance around in the field by our house, as I smell the fresh cut grass and hear the birds singing, I am reminded why I LOVE Whidbey Island. Yes, we get a lot of rain and clouds. So many people don’t like to live here because of that. But if it weren’t for the rain and clouds we would not have this lush green grass! The Lord works in our lives the same way.  God uses the rain and storms in our lives to produce such beautiful results that we could never accomplish had we not experienced the hardships. Bring on the rain! 🙂