The blessing the Lord has given to me today is Bro. George. His
message taught me what I needed to get across in my head. One analogy
which I believe will stick with me for awhile is the sponge. If we
stay soaked as a sponge and sit we will sour. However we must allow
God to squeeze us on to others (in the sense if witnessing) We can
then continue to soak and squoosh then 😉 that’s my definition.

So to my fellow brothers and sisters, let God get squooshing and you
get soaking. We will then squash the devil through our squooshiness.
But, don’t forget to soak or there will be nothing to squirt. Ok,
enough with that.

Have a great day, and please feel free to let me know I’m not
talking to a cyberspace wall. I have no idea if anybody is reading my
little posts. I’d sure be glad to read what God is doing for you too!