The Scriptures

The Bible is the source of truth. It is how we know God. As 2 Timothy 3:17 says, “all scripture is given by inspiration of God”. I believe the Bible is, as it says it is, the Words of God. Holy men of God wrote the Bible as they were led through the power of the Spirit of God to do so. The Word of God is pure, inerrant. The King James Version is clearly the English version which has God’s stamp of approval, it changes lives and it has changed my life. God has faithfully preserved it for mankind as He promised and I reject all other versions.


1 John 5:7 says, “For there are three that bare record in heaven, the Father the Word and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” I believe in the doctrine of the Trinity. There is one God, and as Jesus said many times, “he that hath seen me hath seen the Father”. Each part of the trinity has a different role, but each part does not detract from the primary aspect that Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father are God. After Jesus lived a life void of sin on this earth he completed the work of our redemption through raising from the dead. Before Jesus ascended into heaven he was seen by many witnesses on earth who testified to many of who He was. One day, all those who have believed and put their faith in the message of Christ will experience a grand rapture where all the saints will be reunited with our Lord in the air. His coming will be imminent, pre-tribulational, and pre-millennial. The Holy Spirit’s work in this world has been confused, but the Bible clearly lays out that the Holy Spirit convicts the lost, seals the believer, and opens our understanding of the scripture as well as equips us to serve in our local New Testament Church. I believe that the gifts of tongues, prophesy, and healing have ceased as 1 Corinthians 13:8-10 tells us.


The choice Adam made plunged the human race into sin and without the coming of Jesus to this earth as the Messiah we would have been forever bound and condemned by that sin. Jesus’s death for man was sufficient to pay the price for the sin of all mankind and the forgiveness from God is available to all who call upon him. There are no works that man must do in order to be recipient of this grace. The only way to receive this grace is through calling upon the name of the Lord in repentance and faith that He will forgive.

The Church

There is no other church seen or described in Bible other than a local and visible church. Jesus established the first church while on this earth and his parting commission to his church was that they would Go, Preach, Baptize and Teach. There are two ordinances which the church is called upon to observe and that is both Baptism (Already saved, full immersion) and the Lord’s Supper (to be observed by saved, baptized, members of that local church). The church has a responsibility to be a “pillar and ground of the Truth”. Each local church is given the authority to ordain and send out men of God for the purpose of birthing more New Testament churches as they are commissioned by God to do.


Genesis clearly lays out the amazing story of how the power of God was displayed in the forming of this world. God took six days to form the world and rested the seventh. I believe reading this account as taking any longer than six days discounts the almighty power of God. I reject the heresies of evolution, theistic evolution, the Gap Theory, etc…


He is a deceiver and the father of lies. Satan is no imaginary force as he is the prince and power of the air. Satan is a created being and who at one point served God in heaven, but raised up a rebellion of angels who were all thrown out of heaven. The devil deceptively introduced sin to mankind in the garden of Eden. The devil Lucifer and his fallen angels have a place prepared for them by God called the Lake of Fire. It is a place of eternal punishment and those that reject Jesus as their Savior will find themselves as a partaker of that same judgment.


The Bible tells us in Romans 6:2, “How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” It is the desire of our Savior who has forgiven us from our sin, that we should live unspotted by this world. The speech that comes from our mouth, the clothes we wear on our body, and the music we allow to come into our ears should only be that which is honoring to God. We ought to not have any fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but as the Bible says, we are to reprove them.

End Times

I believe that the return of Christ is imminent, and that He will rapture the believers unto Himself before the tribulation. After the seven year tribulation period, Christ will physically & bodily return to set up a Millennial kingdom on earth and will reign for 1000 years, after which Satan will be bound and he and those who have rejected Christ will be cast into the lake of fire.